We believe that a successful company can only be built on a great team and quality products. We don't try to just "sell robots", we offer a solution that will move your company further. That is why we will always offer you tailor-made solutions, including financing. Like everything in life, we are part of something bigger, more precisely 100% part of Horejsek Group.

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Bettaroe offers many types of financing that are suitable for small and big projects, for any size companies.


Bettaroe performs all servicing of its supplied AGVs, AMRs and other robotic assistants.


A whole range of logistics robots, facility robots and complete systems with advanced software can now also be leased or financed in alternative ways!

Feasibility study

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your operation and at the same time reduce operating costs, but don't know how?

Test center

Bettaroe develops and tests all products in its test center in Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic.