Floor scrubber robot

revolutionary floor washing

The revolutionary floor scrubbing solution - Wendy - is the first of its kind to machine wash floors without any human help. It automatically fills clean water with or without detergent, discharges dirty water and is able to charge automatically. With 6 hours of operation on a single charge, it will allow your cleaning team to achieve better cleaning results with significantly less effort. Wendy makes it easier to keep floors clean and safe without human intervention during any time of the day. Laser navigation ensures perfect safety in a wide variety of environments, from industrial production and storage facilities, hospitals, shopping centers to schools or offices. Wendy the floor scrubbing robot is autonomous and, after programming, moves independently and avoids obstacles.

Wendy will surprise you with a quick return on investment, cleaning will never be the same again.

Buy or rent?

In addition to purchasing Wendy, it is possible to rent robots from us both in the short and long term.

Floor scrubber robot

The washing robot is excellent for hospital environments, where it can wash large surfaces (smooth and rough) with up to 6 hours on a single charge.

This robot eliminates the possibility of human error and documents the cleaned area for later verification.

Floor scrubber robot - hospitals
Floor scrubber robot
Public spaces

Whether in public spaces, offices or production facilities, Wendy will always do a great job. It is able to wash about 2,200 m2 per hour. Two large water tanks ensure long continuous operation.

Thanks to the simple operating system and robust design, operation by a regular cleaning company or cleaning worker is not a problem.

Floor scrubber robot - public spaces