Fulfillment for E-commerce

simple and efficient

Most Czech companies selling goods over the Internet aim to increase efficiency, reduce costs and find intelligent warehousing solutions that are scalable.
However, finding a partner who offers such a solution in the Czech Republic or in Europe has so far been almost impossible. Bettaroe has finally become such a partner!

Starting with goods receival, we are able to unload an entire truck fully automatically, either with a smaller AGV robots with a load capacities of up to 1000 kg or a full-fledged autonomous forklift with a load capacity of up to 2 tons.

When unloading, it is possible to immediately send information about received goods / pallets to the information system. The next step is to ensure the input of accurate data, using e.g. one of the Cubiscan 3D dimensioning scales. Palleted goods can then be automatically moved by an AGV to a designated pallet space or in the case of smaller items via the use of a picking point. Here, an AGV with a pallet with goods arrives at a warehouse worker, and after placing the goods on the pallet, the pallet itself is taken back to its place in the warehouse.

Pick to Light system

Order fulfilment is sped up thanks to a picking station, where pallets with goods relevant to the currently open orders line up at the picking station. An advanced Pick to Light system tells the worker what goods to look for and where it is located on the pallet. The picking station further highlights which size box the product belongs to, what products are still missing and if the order has been completed.

Thanks to the knowledge of accurate product data, such as weight and dimensions, the worker no longer has to estimate how big a box he needs. The system always suggests the optimal dimension.

Our own warehouse management system

In addition to the aforementioned forklifts, AGVs, systems for measuring and packaging goods, Bettaroe also offers its own warehouse management system, which can be easily connected to any information system such as SAP, Helios, etc.

Would you like to learn more about our complete e-commerce fulfilment system or even visit our test center and see everything for yourself? Let us know!

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