Sweeping Robot

makes cleaning easier

It can sweep and vacuum smooth floors, but also carpeted floors. The robot adjusts the height of the brushes to different floor heights, always providing the best result. The robot is suitable for industrial and storage operations, as well as for hospitals, shopping centers or offices. The sweeping robot is autonomous and, after programming, moves independently and avoids obstacles.

Buy or rent?

In addition to purchasing, it is possible to rent a robot from us both in for short and long term. You can then pay for the swept m2, operating time, etc.

Sweeping Robot

The sweeping robot is excellent for hospital environments, where it can sweep and vacuum various surfaces (smooth and rough) with a lifespan of up to 8 hours per charge.

This robot eliminates the possibility of human error and documents the cleaned area for later verification.

Sweeping Robot - hospital
Sweeping Robot
Public spaces

Whether in public spaces, offices or production facilities, Timmy the sweeper can always do a great job. It is able to clean about 1,500 m2 per hour. Two dirt tanks ensure long and continuous operation.

Thanks to the simple operating system and robust design, regular cleaning companies and their personal can easily operate it.

Sweeping Robot - public spaces